Michelle for
Jeffco Schools

MY name is Michelle Applegate, and I am running for the Jefferson County School Board- District 3.  

I am a life-long supporter of public education. As a mom, PTA President, community volunteer, and professional in energy policy, I work every day with teachers, administrators, state and federal policy makers, and unions.  I have lived experience in the crucial role our neighborhood schools and educators play in our kids’ future, and the future strength of our communities. 

MEet my big, beautiful, blended family. 

I have three children, a junior at Golden High School, a third grader at Stober Elementary School, and a 3 year old that just started her public school career in a district preschool. My oldest is my step-son, and I have the good fortune of becoming close friends with his mom, who is a kindergarten teacher at Welchester Elementary.  Through our friendship she has shared first hand the joys and challenges of being a teacher.  I am the current PTA President at Stober Elementary, and also served as the PTA president for 4 years at Welchester Elementary.  In both roles I work closely with the teachers, administrators, staff, and families to provide resources and support.  This fall, I am working with our principal to build strategies to welcome new families and teachers to our school after closures in the district. 

My step-son, his mom, and me when he was a student at Welchester Elementary. 

Serving on the Jeffco School Board is one of the single most important way to support all children in Jeffco.

With my skillset and lived experience bringing communities together I will be a thoughtful leader in the district.  As an engineer, I believe collaborative, well-informed and research-based decisions can lead to the best outcomes for our kids, teachers, and communities.

I'd love the chance to connect so you can learn more about me, and I can learn
about you and our shared interest in Jeffco Public Schools.

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